Order Alprostadil: Online prescription from the doctor

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and want quick and discreet help. They often avoid going to the doctor, and the consequences are often psychological stress or relationship problems. Both are vicious circles from which the person concerned can hardly find a way out. Added to all this is the shame of confiding in the doctor and having an unpleasant examination carried out. Generic Viagra can help with erection problems. They are as effective as the original drugs, have the same main active ingredient, and are much cheaper to find on the market.

This is because the composition of the other ingredients is usually slightly changed. Despite the lower price, patients receive a proven and tried-and-tested sexual enhancer that is usually very well tolerated. Statistics assume that every third man over the age of 65 suffers from erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction. In the 45 to 59 age group, one in seven has problems with sexual activity. If the penis is not sufficiently stiff, it makes it difficult to have a normal sex life.

Alprostadil is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction and is available as a cream or gel. The application is particularly easy and easy to implement in this dosage form. Alprostadil is a synthetically produced active ingredient that resembles the body’s own substance, prostaglandin E1 (PDE1).

What is Alprostadil?

The active ingredient, alprostadil, affects the blood vessels and is used in addition to erectile dysfunction to treat blood thinning. The term “sexual enhancer” is not entirely accurate, but it is common in colloquial language. Alprostadil has no positive effect on libido.

Rather, it is an on-demand drug that is used temporarily in appropriate situations. Even if many people believe that it is mainly due to overwork, stress, or problems in their personal environment, Doctors assume that there are a high number of unreported cases of men with erection problems.

Many do not trust their doctor and accept the situation as it is. The prescription drug can provide quick relief and ensure a satisfying sex life. Alprostadil cream was first approved in Switzerland in 2016. In some countries, it is sold under the brand name Virirec.

In addition to the active ingredient, the cream belonging to the active ingredient group of prostaglandins E1 contains the pharmaceutical excipient DDAIP to improve skin penetration.

Summary of Alprostadil

  • Available as a cream, gel, urethral suppository, and solution for injection
  • Drug class: prostaglandins
  • Active ingredient: alprostadil
  • Trade names MUSE, SKAT, Caverjet, Vitaros, Viridal, and others
  • Prescription required.

The action of Alprostadil

The cream or money is used for the local treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. For this, the agent must be applied to the tip of the penis no more than once a day.

Regardless of the sexual stimulation, the onset of action usually occurs about 5 to 30 minutes after application. On average, a duration of action of approximately 1-2 hours can be expected.

Alprostadil has a targeted effect on the relaxation of muscle walls and accelerates biological processes. It belongs to the group of so-called prostaglandins called E1 or PGE1. Prostaglandins are responsible for inflammatory reactions in the body, how people feel pain and dilate arteries.

Arteries have an average inner diameter of only 0.5 mm, with barely measurable blood flow in the non-erect state. With the addition of alprostadil, this diameter doubles and the blood flow velocity increases accordingly.

Alprostadil allows for a stronger erection by relaxing the muscles in the erectile tissue and thinning the blood, allowing it to flow more easily into the erectile tissue. The result is a lasting erection in men.

How is Alprostadil used?

Depending on the manufacturer, an applicator or other aid for applying the cream or money is included in the pack. Using the applicator, the man applies the specified amount of cream or gel to the opening of the urethra on the glans of the penis, as instructed by his doctor.

The body absorbs the active ingredient through the skin and enlarges the blood vessels. At the same time, the soft muscles in the penis relax and the blood flows into the penis at an increased flow rate, which leads to an erection.

As a rule, the man feels the onset of action in the form of an erection after about 5 to 30 minutes. It is recommended to use the product only once every 24 hours. This also applies if there is no effect. Furthermore, the doctor recommends not using the product more than 3 times within a 7-day period.

In Germany, Hexal and Takeda Pharmaceuticals offer a product under the Vitaros name. The cream is applied to the skin at the opening of the urethra of the glans as described. You can find packs with 4 applicators at a current price of around 157.19 euros.

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